Perl 6 Modules

Below you can find a list of the 852 known external Perl 6 modules. The Travis column shows results of testing each module using Rakudo. These modules can be installed with zef, a module management tool that comes with Rakudo Star.

Some standard modules are included with Rakudo. Among them are Test for testing and NativeCall for using C libraries. See a list of all core modules here.

If you want to contribute your own module, please read this guide. See which modules are popular. Missing a module you can't live without? Consider adding it to the Most Wanted Modules.

View a todo list for a specific module author (like you!) at, e.g:

Project List

Name Description Travis Stars Issues Updated
PostCocoon::Url Some simple but useful URL utils passing 0 0 2017-04-23
LibCurl Perl6 bindings for LibCurl passing 7 0 2017-06-09
URI::FetchFile retrieve a file from the internet by the best available method passing 0 0 2017-06-07
Bailador A light-weight route-based web application framework for Perl 6 passing 87 40 2017-07-21
HTTP::Server::Ogre he is not tiny nor easy to handle. He is rather a stupid ogre that handles paralell http requests passing 0 0 2017-06-29
WWW No-nonsense, simple HTTPS client with JSON decoder passing 8 5 2017-05-31